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Featured Studies

August 21st, 2023

Craving and Smoking Behavior Study

Are you 26-55 years old and interested in quitting smoking? You may be eligible for a study to test new methods aimed at helping individuals quit smoking. This is not a treatment study. This study includes 10 in-person visits. Study procedures involve completing questionnaires and undergoing an EEG (measures brain activity) and tDSC (non-invasive brain stimulation). Compensation is provided.

Learn more about this study here!


Telehealth and Memory Study

Are you a breast cancer survivor who completed chemotherapy one to five years ago? Do you have problems with your memory, concentration, and/or attention? You may be able to participate in a research study to test two treatments that may help breast cancer survivors improve cognitive function. This study involves 8 weeks of therapy completed online or by mobile phone, and optional MRI scanning.

Learn more about this study here!