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Pitt Plus Me has enrolled over 300,000 research volunteers

September 1st, 2023

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that Pitt+Me—a program that links people of all ages to hundreds of in-person and remote research studies at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC—enrolled its 300,000th volunteer. This large and diverse group of adult and pediatric volunteers helps researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, gives Western Pennsylvanians access to innovative research studies, and contributes to advancing exceptional medical care across the region. The program started in 2008, with just 4,200 volunteers and 75 studies using the service during its first year. Pitt+Me now features over 400 studies contributing to research that addresses a wide variety of the modern world’s greatest health concerns including diabetes, depression, cancer, and addiction. To date, Pitt+Me has assisted with over 2,500 research studies and helped match volunteers with studies more than 318,000 times. Together with you, we are advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of some of the most serious health concerns affecting our community. Update your profile today to let us know about the kinds of research studies that may interest you! Already up to date? Browse all research study opportunities at