About Mental Health and Behavior

The way children act, behave, think, and feel is important. Their mental health influences their lives, and also their families and friends. Because of this, pediatric research cares just as much about mental health as it does physical health. If a child has a condition like obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, or phobias, they may be unable to control their anxiety and fear. Difficulty communicating or interacting socially can be signs that a child may have an autism spectrum disorder. When children have ADHD, they may have an extremely difficult time focusing on a task or keeping still. Adolescent children can be at an increased risk for some serious conditions, like depression and eating disorders. The ways that doctors try to treat mental health disorders are varied; some conditions respond best to therapy, some to medications, and some to a combination of the two. Research into these treatments, and the conditions they’re designed to help, can provide children and their families with fresh opportunities and hope.


  ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Other Mental Health and Behavior, Phobias, Depression