About Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)/PA Cares for Us

No two people are exactly the same; a range of lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors make everyone unique. That same uniqueness can also make medical needs different from person to person, and a growing approach to healthcare, called personalized or precision medicine, uses those factors to develop individualized treatment programs. The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort is a nationwide research project designed to learn more about those individual factors and how they can be used to improve healthcare throughout life. This ambitious project, sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH), looks to enroll one million or more participants across the country. The University of Pittsburgh was chosen by the NIH as one of the main enrollment locations; Pitt’s PMI program, PA CARES (Precision Approach to healthCARE) wants to partner with 175,000 local volunteers over the next four years. Participation in PA CARES will involve sharing a wide range of health, environment, and lifestyle information, as well donating biological samples and granting access to electronic health records. By connecting community volunteers with the broader efforts of the PMI, PA CARES aims to advance research and healthcare for everyone.


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