About Kidney and Urinary System

While the digestive tract removes solid waste from the body, it’s the job of the kidneys and the urinary system to filter and pass liquid waste. The two kidneys continuously work to filter blood, removing waste products and excess fluids. This combined fluid waste, urine, gets passed to the bladder before being flushed out of the body. If the kidneys are overworked or weakened, serious issues can result. If the mineral levels in your blood are too high, painful kidney stones can develop. Other conditions, especially diabetes and high blood pressure, can cause disease by reducing the kidneys’ ability to filter. Studies in this field might also look at issues related to urination, from incontinence (the involuntary release of urine) to overactive bladder. Because of the waste products contained in urine, the urinary tract is also at risk for infections. By studying these and other urinary issues, Pitt researchers hope to provide relief to everyone.


  Incontinence, Other Kidney and Urinary System, Kidney Stones, Kidney Disease, Urinary Tract Infection